We are living through unprecedented times because of the pandemic.  To help ensure the safety of our staff, REALTORs®, homeowners, and extended circles, the following COVID-19 protocol is in effect.





  • Please do not book a shoot if the homeowner, tenant or other resident isn’t feeling well or is under self-quarantine.
  • Please do not book a shoot if the homeowner, tenant or other resident is in an especially vulnerable category (elderly or with an underlying health condition).
  • Please ensure that homeowners understand and comply with the requirement that the property be camera-ready when the photographer arrives and that they must leave during the shoot.
  • If the health status of the homeowner, tenant or other resident changes after a shoot is booked, please cancel the shoot.

Day of shoot


  • No one may be inside the home during the shoot. Homeowners must vacate the premises for the duration of the shoot (typically 60-75 minutes).
  • Ensure blinds and curtains are open and all lights (overhead, lamps, etc.) are on prior to the photographer’s arrival.
  • The photographer will wear a mask and disposable gloves at shoots.
  • The photographer will use hand sanitizer before and after shoots.
  • We will be complying with any recommendations by health and government authorities.
  • We will work with you to postpone and reschedule shoots if scheduling is impacted by the pandemic (e.g. the homeowner becomes sick.)