Photographer Resources

See below for resources that we find useful.

iGuide Resources

iGuide Master Class Webinar Recordings

Listing of iGuide webinars for iGuide operators.

RPAS/Drone Resources

National Research Council Canada Drone Site Selection Tool

Interactive map tool that provides a graphical way to choose safe operating sites for drone flights.

NAV Canada NAV Drone Viewer Map Tool

Publicly accessible map displaying geozones where drones may or may not fly.

UAV Forecast website + app

Website and app showing weather and flying conditions.

Airdata Website

Flight log analysis and RPAS maintenance system.

Drone Pilot Canada App

Feature-rich app providing map data and procedural checklists for Canadian drone pilots.

RPAS Wilco App

Flight planning, checklist, device maintenance and more.

Maven App

Third-party flight app providing waypoint mission functionality and other features.

Don Drones On YouTube Channel

Don Drones On free online training for Canadian RPAS operators.

DJI Tutorial Videos

DJI’s tutorial and training YouTube channel.